Balloon Race Team


Pete Copeland, Executive Director

Melissa UngEvent Coordinator

Board of Directors:

Chris DonderoPresident – Nevada Insurance Agency Company
David Taylor, Past President – Microsoft
Mike Klaich, Treasurer – EideBailly, CPAs
Pilar M. Aldecoaotalora, Board Member
Michael Buis, Board Member – Pacific States Communications
Nancy Gilbert, General Council Attorney-at-Law
Ed Buzzetti, Grounds Specialist – Aeronaut Squadron
Tony Rivara, Pilot Representative – The Great Reno Balloon Race Pilots
Ron Smith, Board Member – Voice of The Great Reno Balloon Race
Frank Picone, Board Member RE/MAX Gold
Ginnie Kersey, 
Board Member
Peggy Stromer, 
Board Member


Katie Griggs, Flight Director
Aaron Dieringer, Launch Commander
Barry Varischetti, Safety Director
Forrest Griggs, Public Safety Officer
Michael Heidemann, Safety Officer
Ken Walters, Competition Director
Shawn Waggoner, Competition Officer
Geoff Dieringer,Chief Scoring Official
Mike Compagnioni, Propane Staff
Larry Ratkoviak, Launch Staff
Greg Taggert,Launch Staff
Peggy Stromer, Launch Staff
Laura Ingram, Launch Staff
Barry Varischetti, Launch Staff
Josh Varischetti, Launch Staff
Dave Warriner, Launch Staff
Gay James, Launch Staff
Anne Vandruska, Launch Staff
Mardi Lester, Launch Staff
Sharon Kaempfer, Launch Staff
Kevin Ingram, Launch Staff
Shirely Keys, Launch Staff
Chris Moore, Launch Staff
Steve Brown, Weather Officer
Gwen Brown, Weather Officer
Larry Jensen, Weather Officer
Pat Jensen, Weather Officer

Committee Leaders:

Dianna Krueger, Cloud 9
Mary Weber, Merchandise
Nina Roseburrough, Rangers/Security
Brenda Mercer, Crewing
Tom Muller, Parking
Connie Douglas, Parking


Michael Ung, Videographer/Photographer
Heather Beecher, Photographer
Marilyn Newton, Photographer