Balloon Race Team


Pete Copeland Executive Director
Kayla Robertson Event Coordinator 

Board of Directors:

Michael Buis, President– Pacific States Communications
David Taylor, Vice President– The Boys and Girls Club
Pilar M. Aldecoaotalora, Past President – Sands Regency Casino/Hotel
Carole Anderson, Secretary – University of Nevada, Reno
Mike Klaich , Treasurer – Muckel Anderson, CPAs
Tony Rivara , Pilot Representative – The Great Reno Balloon Race Pilots
Ed Buzzetti, Grounds Specialist – Aeronaut Squadron
Staci JohnsonAt-Large– Silver Legacy Hotel Casino
Chris DonderoSponsorship Committee– Nevada Insurance Agency Company
Nancy GilbertGeneral Council– Attorney-at-Law
Ginnie Kersey, Trustee – Family Sponsor Representative
Ryan Sheltra, 
Trustee – Bonanza Casino
Harry Stetzell , Trustee, Washoe County Search and Rescue
Peggy Stromer, Trustee – Aeronaut Squadron
Ron Smith, Trustee – Voice of The Great Reno Balloon Race

Launch Team:

Katie Griggs – Launch Commander
Larry Ratkoviak – Chief Safety Officer/Emergency Services Director
Michael Heidemann –
Safety Officer
Janice Marie King – Launch Director
Barry Varischetti – Launch Director
Josh Varischetti – Launch Director
Peggy Stromer – Lead Launch Director
Laura Ingram – Launch Director
Ron Hood – Launch Director
Gay James – Launch Director
Shawn Waggoner – Scoring Official
Kevin Ingram – 
Scoring Official
Dave Warriner – Scoring Official
Angie Aragon  Scoring Official
Jess Aragon –
Scoring Official
Darrell Taylor – Scoring Official
Bruce Boles Scoring Official
Anne Vandruska
Scoring Official
Jim WeeldreyerScoring Official
Marde LesterScoring Official
Shirley KeysScoring Official
Sharon KaempferScoring Official
Forrest Griggs – Propane Committee
Nancy Glandon – Propane Committee
Jack Glandon
 – Propane Committee
Cheryl Taylor – Public Safety
Steve Brown – Chief Weather Officer
Larry Jensen – 
Assistant Weather Officer
Gwen Brown Weather
Sean Chambers Maps