We are excited to announce that membership is FREE to anyone wanting to volunteer with GRBR!

What is an Aeronaut?
The Aeronauts are the official volunteer group for The Great Reno Balloon Race. As an Aeronaut, you get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put on such a magical event.

Aeronaut Membership includes:

1. Crew training and a crew achievement program
2. GRBR apparel and parking pass for fulfilling duties
3. Members get to actively (hands-on) assist pilots and are an active part of The Great Reno Balloon Race
4. Saturday Tailgate Party on the field
5. Holiday Appreciation Party in late November/early December for all members who have completed shifts
6. Opportunities to assist hot air balloon pilots as a crew member throughout the entire year


Join the Aeronauts: To volunteer at The Great Reno Balloon Race, please fully complete the electronic application. Must be at least 18-years-old to become an official Aeronaut. For more information, email us at admin@renoballoon.com


Find your niche by joining one or more of the Aeronaut Committees (committees are subject to change):

  • Crewing
    • Responsible for working with pilots to help crew their balloon during the event
  • Cloud 9 Management
    • Involved in the planning, set-up and management of the Cloud 9 VIP Club
  • Field Set-Up and Tear Down
    • Responsible for set-up/tear-down of tents, etc. on the field and making sure the field is clean and safe during event
  • Rangers
    • Responsible for patrolling the park to keep attendees safe during the event
  • Merchandise
    • Responsible for working in the official GRBR merchandise tent and assisting in set-up/tear-down


2022 Aeronaut Guidelines

Choosing Your Committees

2021 Meeting Dates

Aeronaut Holiday Party – invite only
Date TBA – Sands Regency

A BIG THANK YOU to the Aeronauts! The Aeronaut Squadron works diligently to ensure The Great Reno Balloon Race runs smoothly and assists with all aspects of the event. They are a vital part of the event and organization, are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave, and we thank them for all of their hard work. They also assist our pilots as crew members during the event and throughout the year.

Many non-profit groups also lend a hand each year, such as CERT, Teen Challenge and others who are a big part of the success of The Great Reno Balloon Race. We cannot forget the Washoe County Parks & Recreation staff who have been with us from the beginning and helped to make Rancho San Rafael not only the picture-perfect setting for the event but also it’s home.

Without the continued support of these diligent and dedicated volunteers, we would not be able to bring you this spectacular and premier hot air ballooning event.