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For more than 35 years people from all over the world have chosen to spend their September mornings at the Great Reno Balloon Race, taking in the spectacular sights and sounds of this unique event. Our guest book is filled with signatures from all 50 United States, as well as international greetings from Brazil, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Greece, England and Israel, to name a few. We invite you to join us this year and join this diverse group of hot air ballooning fans and enthusiasts.

You can find all of your traveling needs in this section of the website. We have a list of wonderful accommodations in the area, maps to help you find your way around and detailed information on parking at the event. For any questions that you cannot find online, feel free to call our office at (775)826-1181 or email.

Additional Travel Information

Reno Tahoe USA is a friendly, four season resort destination- in a spectacular natural setting- that offers world class attractions, activities, and events to excite the passion of almost anyone. Watch below for yourself!  To download a copy of the 2017 Reno Tahoe USA Special Events Brochure, click here!

Reno Tahoe inspires, rewards and offers experiences beyond the ordinary. For information about attractions and activities, events and entertainment, dining and nightlife, and just about anything else you need to plan a getaway, go to!